Anglo-French, that we right here plan to envision

Anglo-French, that we right here plan to envision

Machine are French, just like the ch is pronounced once the sh; but chine, the fresh new spine, is Anglo-French

Sark, a top; scarf, a great cormorant; scopperil, a teetotum; get, good gangway down seriously to the ocean-shore; screes, rough stones to your a steep mountain-front side, extremely to have screethes (the fresh new th getting excluded such as clothing), off Dated Norse skri?a, a land-slip on a mountain-side; scut, an effective rabbit’s end; seave, a rush; sike, a tiny rill, gutter; sile, an early herring; skeel, a wooden pail; skep, a container, an assess; skift, to move, remove, flit; skrike, to help you shriek; slocken, so you’re able to slake, quench; slop, a free exterior apparel; snag, a projecting stop, an excellent stump away from a forest; soa, a huge bullet tub; spae, to help you foretell, so you’re able to prophesy; spean, a beneficial teat, (while the a great verb) so you can wean; spelk, a beneficial splinter, narrow bit of wood; steg, a gander; storken, to congeal; swale, a shady set; tang, the new prong off a fork, a language regarding residential property; tarn, a mountain pool; 93 tath, manure, tathe, so you can fertilizer; ted, so you can pass on hay; theak, so you’re able to thatch; thoft, a mix-table within the a boat; thrave, twenty-four sheaves, or a certain way of measuring corn; breast, a beneficial wren; titling, an effective sparrow; toft, a great homestead, an old enclosure, low hill; udal, a particular period from home; ug, in order to loathe; wadmel, a types of rough cloth; aftermath, a fraction of open drinking water when you look at the a frozen river or stream; wale, to determine; wase, a great wisp or brief plan out-of hay otherwise straw; whauve, to pay for more than, particularly having a meal turned into inverted; wick, a creek, bay; wick, a large part, position.

Another way to obtain international also provide toward language of the languages is actually French; a circumstance hence appears hitherto for come almost entirely overlooked. The new thoughts possess, In my opinion, come indicated over and over again, one to languages are practically, otherwise completely, free of French influence. Certain, not, keeps named attention, possibly excessive desire, to the French terms and conditions found in Lowland Scotch; and it is popular so you’re able to adduce usually an identical gang of examples, including ashet, a recipe (F. assiette, an excellent trencher, plate: Cotgrave), gigot, a feet from mutton, and you will petticoat-tails, particular desserts cooked having butter (wonderfully altered of petits gastels, old version of petits gateaux), courtesy example. Indeed, a complete publication has been composed about; look for A life threatening Enquiry to your Scottish Vocabulary, of the Francisque-Michel, 4to, Edinburgh, 1882. But the importance of the newest borrowings, 94 chiefly inside the Scotland, away from Parisian French, might have been far overstated, as with the work only mentioned; and you will a important source could have been forgotten, viz.

The first types of they was in fact Norman, nevertheless was afterwards formulated by terminology borrowed from other French languages, like those out-of Anjou and you may Poitou, as well as on the Central French from Paris

From the Anglo-French is supposed the fresh new vital form of French that is mostly strange so you can England, that is of higher really worth to the philologist. It actually was therefore created in a means of a unique, and ought to continually be considered, ahead of Dated Continental French, when English etymologies have question. It is a fact this concerned a conclusion on 1400, whether or not it ceased as spoken; but during the an earlier day it had been alive and you may energetic, and you may created a unique peculiar versions. A very easy analogy are all of our term obligation, which certainly was not borrowed about Dated French devoir, however, in the Anglo-French duetee, a phrase familiar in the Old London, but certainly unknown to every kind of continental French.

The purpose which i has here so you can require is the fact just does our very own literary words are plentiful that have Anglo-French terms, however, that they’re and additionally prominent enough within our languages; a time and that, as much as i understand, is nearly inevitably skipped. Neither has actually our very own dialects escaped the fresh new dictate of one’s Main 95 French out of Paris, and it also would-have-been uncommon when they had; with the number of French terms and conditions inside English is really really large. This is not usually you are able to so you’re able to discriminate within Old French from France as well as The united kingdomt, and i also shall right here consider each other sources along with her, even though the Old Norman terminology might be without difficulty discerned by any one who’s familiar with the newest Norman distinct features. Of such distinct features I will such as for example around three, for instance. For this reason Anglo-French commonly utilizes ei otherwise ey in which Old French (we.age. of your continent) keeps oi otherwise oy; and you can English have chose the existing pronunciations out of ch and you can j. And therefore, as the convoy is actually lent away from French, convey are Anglo-French. Rouge is actually French, from the peculiar enunciation of latest ge; but outrage was Anglo-French; and jaundice try Anglo-French, since it comes with the old j. Select Sections iii-vi out-of my personal Prices away from English Etymology, Next Collection.

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