6 Personality Types That Are The Absolute Worst At Finding (And Keeping) Relationships

6 Personality Types That Are The Absolute Worst At Finding (And Keeping) Relationships

Not every single one of our relationships is going to work out in the long run. Unfortunately, breakups (as difficult as they can be) are a natural part of life. But they also aid us by bringing us closer to finding who we really should be with.

While everyone will probably have at least one relationship that ends in their lives, there are others who seem to be stuck in a neverending cycle of them.

The truth is that some of us just aren’t great when it comes to relationships. It may sound harsh, but not all of us were born romantics. And there are certain personality traits that can contribute to us having unsuccessful romantic lives.

Some personalities are just better at handling love and relationships than others are, and our Myers-Briggs personality types can give us a lot of information about how people handle romantic relationships. Depending on what type a person has, there are particular quirks that may be holding them back from having a lasting, strong connection with another person.

1. INFP??

INFPs are hopeless romantics. They often will create a very specific image in their head of what the perfect relationship looks like to them and have a list of requirements sitting in their imaginations waiting for any possible romantic partners.

But no one can ever measure up to that ideal image they’ve created in their minds, and when an INFP starts whipping out those requirements, the real problems start.

INFPs don’t realize that having these flawless standards for a relationship is completely wrong and can be very toxic.

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