They both love to travel and explore together

They both love to travel and explore together

4. Aries + Aquarius

These two have so much to offer each other and share a lot of harmonious traits. They’re both highly independent, freethinking, fun, and expressive. They’re a tremendous intellectual match, and both have a lot of enthusiasm for sharing and discussing new ideas.

Their shared rebellious natures. Both Aries and Aquarius act on their whims and don’t rely on approval from anyone else to push forward on their independent plans. They’re put at ease with each other because they allow one another to share whatever outrageous, crazy idea that comes to mind. There’s never a dull moment with these two.

Lighthearted. Aries and Aquarius both approach romance in a lighthearted way. Aquarius tgpersonals profile search is certainly more laid back than Aries, which sometimes annoys intense Aries, but mainly intrigues them. At the same time, Aquarius thoroughly enjoys the warmth of Aries’s romantic intensity, so long as it doesn’t infringe on their freedoms. A big plus for these two is that they let go of upsets and quarrels quickly instead of letting them fester.

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