When h2o predominates, giving from the unmarried hole, it disseminates serenity, love, kindness, perseverance, quietness, or other allied virtues

When h2o predominates, giving from the unmarried hole, it disseminates serenity, love, kindness, perseverance, quietness, or other allied virtues

Among Karen and you will Burmese the fresh instinct is stored to-be new seat of your welfare and ailment, varying feelings and you can actual criteria getting associated with the existence of piece of cake (“k’ li”), flames (“me”), or liquids (“paw leh”). The new elders demand one ten hundred cavities throughout the instinct have snap, a dozen incorporate flame, and one consists of liquid. When flame is in the ascendancy, a person is incited so you’re able to jealousy, malice, hatred, and you will payback. The various attributes try intermingled inside the an individual’s character in proportion to help you the new mingling of the multiple issue.[26-9]

The brand new pee of one intercourse often is prescribed because the good liniment getting individuals of your opposite gender

Some of the charms worn by both the Karen while the Burmese are intended to stop piece of cake out of putting on the fresh ascendancy for the new instinct. Certainly one of such as for example charms try strings from dehydrated fresh fruits off specific plant life, strings regarding coins that have been blown through to, and you may knotted wires which were put on the user of the parents or prophets.

One thing is still around said towards”k’ thi thras” otherwise “medicine-educators,” who material medication away from some root and herbs with which it behavior a sort of medical lore, Fort Worth escort girl and their occult rites. There is no doubt however, which they see the therapeutic step out-of specific vegetation. They will explain a particular forest into review one to the makes are great for temperature or any other criticism. On my requst for the majority prescriptions an excellent Karen doc provided me with 100 ones. Dr. Wade features gathered more forty profiles out of scientific formulae of several classes, one of them nearly all genuine worth. Dr. Mason mentions title regarding a tiny creeping plant (Hydrocotyle asiatica) and therefore, if used just like the an effective poultice over the years, will arrest, if it does not treat, leprosy.[26-10] Exactly how many of those Karen medications is from Burmese, Shan, or Talign provider I can’t say. I’ve been informed several times that Karen who nonetheless stay static in its primitive standards, depend wholly towards wonders and products to take care of sickness. My personal observance prospects us to accept that the usage of medicine develops, as the somebody come a lot more about with the exposure to most other racing.

The newest Karen accept that scents has reasonable effect on this new muscles, for both an excellent and ill. There can be almost nothing one a Karen otherwise, in reality, an effective Burman worries so much as he does the smell off preparing body weight (“ta neu xo”). They believe the odor somehow gets in the body, particularly when there can be a scrape of the skin, and results in a myriad of trouble, also sudden dying. To eliminate holding which smelling, it usuall create any frying which can be called for away-of-gates, and you may hold the delivers their noses to store off of the dread danger. Getting curative objectives smell-salts was popular one of each other Karens and you can Burmans, after they enter bazaar. Many of the medicines incorporate asafoetida or any other smelly-smelling edibles, which are considered has actually an immediate effect on new paitent. Sour and you can acrid-tasting medication are within the high favor.

The latest prevalence of snap over another issues produces pride, ambition, greed, evil desires, and hilarity

Besides such cures the latest Karen “medicine-teachers” resort to disgusting concbur, the hair and you will genitals of particular pet, tigers’ and leopards’s whiskers, certain components of peoples corpses, your body hair out of humans, dung of all the categories, the brand new scrapings throughout the charred ends up out of bamboos utilized in striking corpses to your funeral pyre, etcetera. We have found a pills extracted from the brand new Karen Thesaurus, where it is described as “a huge febrifuge”: “Make the umbilical wire reduce out of an alternate-produced kid, the brand new undigested kernels regarding dung out of a dog, white and yellow onions, ginge and you will black colored pepper within the equivalent amount; combine carefully and make with the tablets how big is the conclusion of your digit; dose, one after the other you need to take when you look at the hot-water.”[26-11]

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